How To Play

How does the competition work?

Select Competition

We provide you with your dream car, amazing motorbikes, cash, laptops and more. Browse our best selling prizes and pick a competition.

Buy Your Tickets

Use the Lucky Dip or the custom ticket selector to select the letter and ticket number of your choice to enter the competition.

Win Prizes

Join the Winner Podium and make your dream a reality. You have to be in it to win it!

How to enter the prize competitions

1. Pick the Competition you want to enter.

2. Choose how many numbers you would like in the draw.

3. Complete payment.

4. You will be emailed with your number in that draw and also interactively placed onto the competition page against your assigned number.

How the winner is picked and when the draws go live

1. Once the timer on the competition is complete the draw will go ahead. A live streamed video to our host will appear within ‘ten minutes’ of the draw timing out. One random number will be picked out via ‘Bernie’ the random ball machine. WE HAVE A WINNER.

Delivery to the winner and uploading winner pictures

1. Delivery is free of charge worldwide as long the prize is allowed in by the customs authority of the prize winners country.

Winning pictures will be uploaded within 7 days on ‘Winners’ page.