Terms and Conditions

Promoter: World wide promoter for El Ganador Ltd. is El Suerte Ganador S.A.



  1. Qualifying Persons

The Ganador competitions operates several competitions which results in the distribution of rewards according to these terms and conditions available on the website.

  1. These competitions are open to individuals who are 16yrs or above across the world. Employees of the promoter or any individual connected with the promoter are restricted from enrolling in the competition.
  1. The promoter will reserve the right to close a customer’s account at any time only if they feel that the customer is misusing the services, being mean and abusive to the staff or to other customer or they have a belief that the customer who is entering is not genuine.
  1. The promoter has the right to refuse a customer’s entry at his own consent.
  1. The terms and conditions mentioned here are applicable to the competitions.
  1. By enrolling in the competition you are supposed to have legal capacity to do so. The customer have to understand and read the terms and conditions. They will be bound by them as they enter in the competition.
  1. The competitions are governed by the English Law. The disputes and matters related to competitions will be dealt and resolved under the courts of England.
  1. By participating in the competition online you are actually accepting the terms and conditions and confirming that you are not breaching any laws in your country of residence regarding the legality of entering the competition.
  1. In any case the promoter will not be held responsible for any customer entering any of the competitions unlawfully. If you have any doubt then immediately leave the site and check with the relevant authorities of your country.
  1. The customer can enter the competition via website and app (iOS and Android both). Several competitions may be operated at the same time by the promoter itself. Each and very competition will have a specific reward. Apple and Play Store are not involved directly or indirectly for any sponsorship of app.
  2. Pricing and availability of competitions is the discretion of the promoter and will be specified at the point of sale on the site. One does not have to pay to enter the competition as each and every competition has a free entry route available. To know more on how to enter for free then see below the details mentioned.
  1. The availability of a free entry route to the competition means that the competitions do not fall in the definition of lottery and thus can be operated legally without any need for license.
  1. If you want to enter a competition you need to first register an account which you can easily do online. To register the account online the user will asked to provide a mail id or sign in via existing social media account lie Twitter, Facebook or Gmail.
  1. It is recommended to follow the on-screen instructions when playing a competition on website. To know more read the given instructions.
  1. Chose the competition you want to enter and when ready then buy the tickets. They will ask you to provide payment details. You will need to crisscross the given details cautiously and tick the declaration, confirming you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the competition.
  2. So, once you have bought the Tickets, register to play the relevant Competition and when your payment has cleared we will then contact the person by email to confirm the entry into the Competition.

Please note that when entering online and/or by post you will not be considered entered into the Competition until we confirm the entry which can be confirmed in your account when you login

  1. The Promoter has the right to reject or prohibit any inadequate Entry if it has practical grounds for believing that an Contestant has broken any of these terms and conditions
  1. To the level allowable by applicable law, all Entries become the Promoter’s property and will not be reimbursed
  1. The Contestant can enter each Competition up to 25 times which is the max limit
  1. Each account can have infinite amount of entries, if they are bought on that account on behalf of other people
  1. Each Competition will close when the last number is taken, no more Entries after this point will be acknowledged.
  1. All Entrants (including those entering for free) must generate an account before entering and provide an email address to proceed in the Competition.
  1. Promotion Periods- Each Competition will run for a specific period of time. So, please see each Competition for information of start and end times and dates
  1. The Organizer also functions a monthly subscription-based Competition. No payment is required to enter the Club each month, as there is a free Entry route available –. The subscription entitles you to automatically enter monthly draws and the subscription continues until it is terminated by you or the Promoter. The Promoter may differ the number of draws in any one month.
  1. The contestant can either play our monthly draw continuously, or on a one-off base via our Website. There is only 1 draw per month. If you enter our monthly draw, the Promoter will deliver you with a number once the Promoter announces the 100 finalists for that monthly draw. The draw is streamed live and the winner is selected using the Promoter’s random ball spinning machine
  1. The subscription costs the amount(s) set out on our Website from time to time, and if you would like to purchase a subscription, you can do so through our Website
  1. Requirements- the Promoter invest the right to decline a registration for any reason whatsoever at its sole and absolute pleasure (including, without limitation, a person applying to become an Ganador Club member not satisfying the requirements.
  1. person applying to become a member must please the following requirements:
  1. the person’s direct debit must be approved from a bank
  2. the person must be over 16 years
  3. They must supply their debit card details which must be linked to a bank account.
  4. This bank or building account must not be a joint account and must be held in the applicant’s own name
  5. the bank card mentioned above must not have been lost or reported or stolen or cannot be open to any more than one member.
  1. The promoter can carry out checks an can even request information from time to time from organizers during registration
  2. The checks may include credit reference check. No rewards will be given to the member if the criteria set out in this rule are not met or if the member is not eligible to be an a nightclub member for any reason
  3. The information and details provided by the contest tent to the organizer maybe disclosed for a credit reference agency to perform so 10 task like an identity check. This is a verification footprint rather than a credit footprint. The check looks only at the existence of the name date of birth an address with lenders rather than any current or previous credit information. This will leave a soft footprint on your credit file for 12 months. These checks will also be conducted when a Postal claim is made and in the event our electronic checks cannot verify your information and details the promoter may request physical documentation such as passport or driving license to prove their eligibility for becoming an ganador club member
  4. The third parties or organizers on its behalf can also carry out checks to verify that an applicant is capable to authorize the direct debit and has enough funds to pay their Ganador club subscription fees
  5. You hereby authorize the organizers to collect payment of the subscription pay from your nominated bank account by signing up for the membership until this authorization is revoked. The payments for subscription will be taken from the nominated bank account on a monthly basis. Collected payments from your nominated banks account format you enter into the applicable upcoming monthly draws following the collected payment next Lane the customer needs to provide the promoter with valid payment details when signing up for an Ganador club subscription. The customer can easily cancel their subscription by contacting the organizer directly on their Mail ID or if they are paying by direct debit they can ask their bank to cancel the subscription
  6. The customer must keep the information and details they provide to us throughout the duration of the membership
  7. Payments- The customer will be informed when the first payment of the subscription we will be taken at the point of sign up. The first attempt to obtain payment each month will be on or around the date you signed up unless otherwise communicated to you by the organizer. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that there are sufficient funds in their nominated bank account on the applicable date. If in case there is UN sufficient funds in your bank account then the bank may impose a penalty charge for the collection and the promoter may be unable to collect payment and you will not be able to enter into upcoming monthly draws. The organization is not at all responsible for additional transaction charges imposed on you from your bank account
  8. The organizer accepts no responsibility an will have no liability for any omission or act of any bank chargebacks, disputes, failures to implement direct debits or otherwise to act on your instructions
  9. If the organizer is unable to collect the payment on the applicable collection date the organizer me have to make 3 further attempts to collect the payment. The customer will not be entered into a month draw unless the organizer has received all amounts payable for the subscription in clear funds for that particular month. They will accept no responsibility and will have no liability for any loss or damage caused as a result of you not being entered into monthly circumstance where the promoter has sought payment from a nominated bank account and the nominated bank account did not make payment
  10. If there is any change to the details provided to the organizer in the course of registration should be notified as early as possible via phone or by email. So if you wish to change your bank out linked any registration you will have to complete a new direct debit instruction
  11. If you are doubtful whether your payment has been collected or not please contact the promoter as early as possible. If there is a dispute regarding whether a subscription fee has been paid for or when such payment was made this will be resolved by difference to the payment details included in an official statement from a nominated bank
  12. If your nominated bank makes any charge back dispute or identity demand relating to any payment done by you then the organizer may terminate or suspend your subscription with immediate effect which will include terminating your right to enter into applicable upcoming monthly draws
  13. The customer can anytime terminate their subscription by giving the organizer a notice through email. They will reserve the right to terminate or suspend a monthly subscription at any time for any reason whatsoever at sole and absolute discretion
  14. If your Monthly subscription has been dominated or suspended by the organizer you will not be able to enter into any monthly draws falling termination or during the period of suspension and the promoter is not responsible and will have no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of you not be able to enter any applicable upcoming monthly draws make slime the termination will take immediate effect and any fund which have been already collected at the point of termination are non-refundable first of any funds which have not been yet collected but in respect of which requests to your nominated bank have already been sent for collection at the point of termination should also be non-refundable and will be used to enter into applicable upcoming draws taking place in the month that termination took place. With effect from receipt of notice of termination the promoter will not make future request to your nominated bank and to make payments in respect of the monthly subscriptions
  15. Competition judgment Ganador competitions guarantee 100% random ball spinning machine will determine the winner of each competition. Many applications have entered the competition will determine how many balls are entered into the machine each competition will have a minimum of 50 balls and a maximum of one Lac balls. The result will be live streamed on YouTube whatsoever
  16. Due to the nature of the selection there will be only one winner per competition unless the promoter states otherwise
  17. The organizer will attempt to contact winners of competition by using the telephone numbers and email address provided at the time of registration. It is the applicants responsibility to make sure that these details are accurate complete and up to date. If for any reasons these details are taken down submitted imputed or recorded in anyway by the applicant incorrectly the organizer will not be held responsible for any consequences of this of whatever nature and howsoever arising. Applicants must be careful while checking their contact details
  18. If the promoter is unable to contact the winner for whatever reason within five working days or the winner fails for whatever reason or cause to confirm expectance of the prize the winner will be disqualified as a result of not complying with any of these terms and conditions
  19. In the event that the promoter closes the competition early the winner will be selected from all valid ineligible entries received by the promoter prior to the date of course except that the promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion to close the competition early without selecting a winner. In the event that a competition is closed without selecting a winner the promoter will give all entrants game credit to enable them to replay equivalent tickets in a subsequent competition
  20. Applicants who specifically consent to marketing communications will be entered onto the promoters database for the purpose of conveying information as to the status of their competition as well as any future promotions or competitions offered by the organizer
  21. The organizer also reserves the right at its sole discretion to extend the closing date of any competition each competition can have the closing time extended by the promoter up to four times. If the competition is not sold out after the 4th extension of time the prize will be awarded ads 70% of the value of paid entries to the competition. Only the competition applicants will be entered into this draw
  22. Winners details the winner will be required to show proof of identification on delivery of the prize. Any flair to me this requirement may result in the winner being disqualified and the promoter retaining the price
  23. All winners will be asked for the consent by the promoter to provide photographers and for pose for photographs and videos and have their personal details which include details of the prize won by them included in marketing material. If any winner consents to the above the foregoing photographs videos and marketing material may be used in future marketing and public relations by the organizer in connation with the competition I did and I identified them as a winner of the following verification and receipt of the details requested above by the promoter and provided that the winner has satisfied these terms and conditions the winners will be contacted in order to make arrangements for delivery of the price
  24. Competition prices the prizes are selected the mind by all or some of the directors of the company and her own by the promoter from the date of the competition going live on the website to the to the date that the winner receives a prize. Details of each prize can be found on the website on the competitions page. Ganador competitions take no responsibility for the prize awarded after delivery has taken place. Once the winner receives a prize the organizer does not ensure the prize no insurance comes with a prize in the promoter is not responsible for the prize once it has been handed over the winner
  25. The organizer has a right to charge the winner but the delivery fees of the required the prize to be delivered to an address outside hello
  26. The collection of the prize is the sole responsibility of the Applicant
  27. The winner hereby agrees that all prizes are subject to and are conditional on the terms and conditions of the promoter prize provider manufacturer and or supplier and or anyone that is involved in the provision or delivery of the price of the winner.
  28. In order each and every prize must be accepted as boarded and is non- transferable or any company able to any substitute cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers offers or discounts including without limitation any vouchers offers of the promoter of the price suppliers or third parties
  29. Storage the organizer can store the chosen prize free of charge for up to 30 days after notifying the winner at the end of which time the prize will be delivered to the winner. If the winner needs to be stored by the organizer for more than 30 days then this shall be in there entire cause of the middleware such costs will need to be paid by the winner itself the organizer before the winner sees surprise
  30. Winners personal data the winner may be asked to have their photo and video taken by the organizer for promotional purposes
  31. When entering a competition the applicant will be asked to consent to use of their address name or photograph or other likeness as well as their appearance at publicity events without any additional compensation and as required by the organizer
  32. Limit off liability the promoter makes or gives no representations or warranties or assurances of whatever nature and howsoever arising as to the quality suitability and fitness for any particular purpose of any of the goods or services advertised offered or provided as prices. Except for liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organizer or any fraud and misrepresentations or for any event or circumstances to the extent that they cannot be excluded or limited by the law. The organizer shall not be liable or for any loss suffered all sustained to a person or property including but not limited to
  33. The maximum liability of the promoter to each winner shall be limited to the total value of each prize that has been won by the relevant winner
  34. The total maximum line of the promoter to the applicant shall be limited to the amount that they have paid to enter competition in the first 12 months of them playing any competition next length nothing in these terms and conditions shall prevent you making claims to the extent that you are exercising the all starter rewrites
  35. No responsibility will be accepted by the organizer for partial failed or garbled computer transmissions for any computer telephone cable network Internet hardware electronic also affair malfunctions Conations failures and for the acts of omissions of any service provider Internet Accessibility or availability or for traffic congestion or unauthorized human act including any errors or mistakes. The organizer will use it reasonable and ear words to award the prize for a competition to the correct applicant. If due to any reasons of hardware software or other computer related failure or due to human error the reward will be awarded incorrectly the organizer reversed the right to reclaim the prize an award it to the correct applicant and its sole discretion and without admission of liability and the entrant that has been incorrectly awarded the prize will immediately add the applicant’s on cost an expense return it to the organizer. The organizer shall not be liable for any economic or other any other laws suffered a sustained to any persons to whom an award has been incorrectly made and no compensation shall be due to such persons. The organizer shall use its reasonable endeavors to ensure that the software and website used to operate these competitions performs correctly and accurately across the latest versions of popular Internet tablet and mobile browsers. For the avoidance of doubt only the ticket rewarded in our systems displayed all calculated shall be entered into the relevant competition and the promoter shall not be held liable for any competition entries that occur as a result of malfunctioning software or other event
  36. To enter any competition or the Ganador club draw each month factory the applicant must first created sound and then send their name address date of birth email address and contact info number on a postcard to the organizer. Free entries must be posted life competitions address. Posted entries are limited to one entry per person to each competition each entry is to be submitted in the fishery by postcard full stops the applicant must specify which competition or which Ganador club draw they wish to enter. For competitions random numbers will be allocated to each free entry by the organizer. For Ganador club free entries the applicant will be entered into draw for the hundred finalists in the same way as any paid entry. All free entries will be treated in the exact same way as a paid entrance. Where applicable fees these competitions terms and conditions also applied three entries. All free at threes are processed on Mondays of each wee
  37. Validation the organizer hereby resolves the right do not to give or make a price until it’s satisfied that the winner has a bad duty registered website account or it is not in the breach of these terms and conditions prizes will not be given or made to winners found to be under below the age of 16 next thing the organizer reserves the right not to make a great price if it’s reasonably suspects the occurrence of fraud in relation to a competition or Ganador club draw next time
  38. The organizer may make or give a prize to a person whom it is satisfied is that the authorized recitatives of the winner acting under an awfully executive power of attorney or other equivalent authorized
  39. Your account it is recommended for the customer or for the applicant to keep their account password safe and secure and secret at all times and take steps to prevent it shoes without their permission. They must memorize their password and never tell it to anyone they should never write their password down are recorded a way that can be understood by someone else if you have done something like this that destroy it as early as possible. Avoid using a password that is easy to guess ensure that no one else uses your account by you are logged onto the website next Lane your password and login details are personal to you and should not be given to anyone else or used to provide shared access example over a network. The customer must use apart password which is unique to their account and maintain good Internet security
  40. The applicant must contact the organizer immediately if they believe suspect or know that anyone apart from them has used their account or given any instruction in relation to it without the permission next time if in case you forget your password you can reset it well history by following the instructions on the website
  41. The organizer shall not be responsible or liable for any or all consequences arising out of it to on all breaches that you may suffer as a result of using the website
  42. Changes we will revise our terms and conditions from time to time and will also pose the most current version of website as soon as possible so make sure you understand the terms and conditions policy that apply at that particular time. So by continuing to access the website after the revisions comes into effect you agree to be bound by the revised terms and conditions
  43. Unauthorized used an expiry of your debit card if you notify your mentioned bank that the debit card has been closed without a permission relation to a competition and your bank has the organizer to return the relevant amount your nominated bank account the organizer may suspend your account and ask you to contact them promoter they accept no kind of responsibility and will have no liability for any charge bags
  44. If your debit card is due to expire the organizer will use reasonable efforts to return the funds in your account your debit card before midnight on that date expires if it is not able to do so the organizer will use reasonable efforts to alert you of this and you should in these circumstances contact the promoter to arrange another appropriate before the promoter to return the words to you
  45. Use of the website by going through the terms and condition of this website and by accessing this website you hereby agree that the website the competitions and the Ganador club membership or draws or for your own personal non-commercial rules and you are only allowed to use your account and the website and the competitions or entered Ganador club draws via your account as set out in these policies
  46. You also hereby agree that you will only use your account in a lawful manner can you agree to identify the promoter against or all cause losses damages and expenses with the organizer may suffer or incur arising out of an or in English to any claim legal proceeding or dim and made by any third party due to arising out of the unlawful wrongful or negligent access or use of your account the website or the promoter software or IT systems or breed by the customer of these terms and conditions
  47. There is absolutely no guarantee that the website will display correctly on all devices
  48. The organizer is the owner or licensee of all the Copyright trademarks and other intellectual property rights in two in respect of the competitions in nightclub in the website and not acquiring the rights of any of these
  49. Service marks trademarks trade names logos all shop parity designations of the organizer used on or in connation with the website the competitions or the draws are trademarks of the organizer. Trademarks of third parties used on all in the connation with the website the competition or draws are used for identification purposes only and may be the property of their respective owners
  50. Track by accessing this site you agree that playing competition or by entering an indoor club draws wills located in any jurisdiction other than the mentioned country is strictly prohibited
  51. General if the organizer delays or fails to enforce a provision of the terms and conditions this failure or delay is not a waiver of the organizers right to do so later on
  52. If any provision of these terms and conditions is decided by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void that decision will only effect the particular provision and not in itself make the other provisions void or unenforceable
  53. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the customer and the organizer regarding the subject matter of these terms and condition an supersede and replace any other prior or any other agreements or terms and conditions updated subject matter of these terms and conditions
  54. A person who is not a party to these terms and condition has no rights under the contracts or otherwise to enforce any provision of these policies
  55. The organizer will not be liable for any day or feel it for many obligations under these terms and conditions where the dealer or failure results from any cause outside its reasonable control like acts of God, Labor disputes or other industrial disturbances electrical or power outages utilities or other telecommunication network failures electric storms or other elements of nature blockages and barges rights ET cetera or orders or government acts of terrorism or war
  56. The website may contain hyperlinks two websites operated by other parties. Such hyperlinks are provided for your defense and convenience only. We do not control such websites and are not at all responsible for the content you will stop so it is all up to you to take precautions to ensure that whatever links they select or whatever software to download from such websites are free from viruses. You must not create a text hyperlink to the website without our prior written consent.
  57. Ganador competitions may send a list of entries with names and sermons to all applicants via social media platforms via Twitter email Facebook or any other website.

Promoter: World wide promoter for El Ganador Ltd. is El Suerte Ganador S.A.

Email: info@theganador.com

Phone: +506 8401 3921

Website: https://www.theganador.com